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491/30 Soi 107 Yaek 21 Charoen Krung Road Bangkhlo Bangkholaem Bangkok 10120 Thailand
Although cooperation between the Eastern and the Western worlds bears a lot of potential for both sides there are the severe culture and language differences to be coped with. Aspects that must not be neglected and there are certainly countless examples in the past that lucrative transactions have not been realized simply due to unintentional misunderstandings or just could not be initiated due to missing the right contacts. A sensitive but also strongly focused, professional acting and a solid knowledge of the cultures and languages are crucial to bridge the gap and finally succeed. Tramaico Co. Ltd. Is a well established enterprise and gains its strengths from well-experienced and highly motivated teams in Asia and Europe.

Originally starting out in the Food Additive Industry the company became swiftly involved in plenty of other segments and is continuously adopting new challenges. Besides the trading business it has identified the necessity to offer special services to Western companies that wish to engage themselves into activities in Thailand indeed but do not have the rights contacts, language abilities and/or time to get this accomplished themselves.
Tramaico Co., Ltd. 2017
Tramaico Co. Ltd. was founded in February 2000 as a full fledge Trading and Marketing Company and is registered with the Ministry of Commerce under registration number 0105543020413 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Despite the location it has a strong link to Europe and stands fully under German management. Combining the thought of European Quality Management with the strengths of the South East Asian Region is surely a superior blend since this eventually means pairing reliability and on-time delivery with an innovative, fast reacting and lower cost operating manufacturing industry.
Tramaico Co., Ltd. Import Export Services in Bangkok Thailand